Worlds Greatest Gift


With each and every holiday or special occasion in our life we always begin to think of what gift we should get to let those we care about know that we are thinking about them and truly love them. When it is Christmas all kinds of images go through are mind of a beautiful tree adorned with loving ornaments and colorful gift packages wrapped in green and red under the tree. When it is Easter we think of chocolate bunny’s and Easter egg hunts. We look for Cute Easter baskets filled with goodies to give to our children. However in the midst of all these holidays we lose sight of what they totally represent, “The World Greatest Gift”.

For God so loved the world He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

During Christmas when we see baby Jesus in a manger we should be in awe of the “Greatest Free Gift Ever Given To Man. You see we are all sinners and unless we have a Holy and Pure Savior to Come and rescue us there is no hope for eternal life in Heaven. That is where Baby Jesus comes in. He is God in flesh and he walked this earth in Human Form and left all the beauty of Heaven because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit loved you and me. They knew we needed God’s Holy Blood that would be shed at Calvary as forgiveness for are sins. To claim your free gift the only thing we have to do is says Jesus forgive me of my sins and I accept your blood as payment for my sins and I ask you to come into my heart right now and be my Lord and Savior. It is that simple and at that very moment the Bible says your name is recorded in the book of life and that whoever prays that prayer and believes in their heart that Jesus is their Redeemer they are saved and have eternal life with him forever in Heaven. ( Romans 10:9, John 1:9, 2:25, 4:15, Rev 20:12 )

If you prayed for the first time or if you are rededicating your life back to Jesus we have a Free Born Again Birth Certificate that you can frame and put up in your home or office to commemorate the greatest day of your life the day you became a child of God. To download your Free born Again Birth Certificate go and click here

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give where they will thank you for eternity. Give them Jesus hanging on a green rugged tree and wrapped in Crimson Red with a heart that says Father Forgive Them. We here at also want to give you this Free ebook by clicking here now “The Way To God And How To Find It” by D.L. Moody .

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