Viewers Praise Report Of Leg Healed Online

Hello folks and welcome to my article review regarding the video titled “ Leg Healed Online” I discovered this miracle on a truly blessed website filled with Miracles, Signs, Wonders where God continually uses this site to show His light to the world. I want to start off by saying just how great God is. I will continually keep his praise in my mouth like the good king David did. I am so blessed to bring you this article about one of the many good works My Lord and Savior has performed to manifest His love to a lost and dying world. You see many of us have forgotten that we still have the power to speak things into existence just like Adam did. The First Adam and earth were punished with a curse because of their Sin. But Cursed is He who hangs on a tree for our transgressions. The second Adam Christ Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law gave us back the keys to the kingdom’s promises and Baptized us with His power. That being said when we ask for the supernatural to happen and stand on God’s word with expectation the unspeakable will happen. I want to emphasis just how powerful this can be.

A lady that had been plagued with a crooked bone in her foot for several years saw a live web-cast of the Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile Alabama where God sought it fit to use the minister to call out her infirmity. The minister Nathan Morris being instructed by God spoke words of healing on the lady’s behalf even though he had never met her personally. She saw the web-cast and began to praise God for the word. A lot of people say that when praise goes up then blessings come down. Well I believe that when praise goes up it’s not just blessings that come down but God as well because he inhabits the praises of His people. This is exactly what happened in the lady’s case as she was miraculously healed not by medicine but by God’s word. Her crooked bone was straightened out instantly. She then went to her Chiropractor, who did not have a clue as to how this happened. She now walks without the limp that she previously had to live with for several years. God is awesome and when in doubt we must seek Him for guidance and the renewing of our strength. Then He will hear your cry and give you the perfect answer. I hope this article has been inspirational in helping you to believe God for the Impossible. May God Bless my Brothers and Sisters in the Faith.