This is That

History in the making, 2nd chapter of Acts, Azusa Street outpouring and now the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. You go to church and the minister tells you about Acts and how the Holy Spirit was poured out in fulfillment of the prophecy given by the Prophet Joel (Joel 2:28-29). Church history tells you it is at this time Christianity was birthed and that it went to the four corners of the world.

Do you remember when you would sit their in the church pew and say oh how I wished I lived during those times to see all those great miracles? Guess what you do, for it was also prophesied that in the last days there would be a former and latter rain of the Holy Spirit.

In a little Alabama town called Daphne located next to the bay of the Holy Spirit God Has showed up in Great Power with Miracles, Signs and Wonders to behold. This state is know for their football team and the crimson roll tide fans. However God has a greater plan for this area. Just like the Blood of Jesus had to be shed first 2000 years ago as forgiveness for our sins. Then because of the Blood sacrifice the Holy Spirit would come down consume it and give us His Fire Power.

The same is happening again. Evangelist Nathan Morris from England and Pastor John Kilpatrick are centering the entire revival around the Cross and the Blood. It has pleased the Holy Spirit so much to talk about the Blood that He has come down again with His fire to consume the Holy Blood sacrifice of Jesus. The Blood is alive for evermore. The word of God says we will overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. This Blood is speaking in the services. It cries out against cancer, diabetes, blindness and deafness and says in a loud voice let my people go and to those who are hurting BE HEALED in the name of Jesus. Nightly we hear the Blood proclaim in a loud voice as miracles, signs and wonders unfold. The blind are receiving sight, the deaf hear and the crippled walk again. Every night the area is electrifying you can physically feel the tangible love of God in the atmosphere.

God is really showing himself strong. You and I are so blessed to live in this historical time. The last outpouring will even surpass the days of Acts. The Lord Jesus Himself said that we would receive power and even do greater works. The world is looking for a sign. Well a huge RED Neon Sign is lighting up the sky over the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. The crowds are coming from all over the world. In fact we had to move to the Mobile Convention Center. Just like in Acts 2 they came from all the nations and were set ablaze and then went out and shared the power of the Cross and Jesus Blood. What followed that message was great miracles, signs and wonders for all to behold.

Crimson tide roll, roll tide roll. Roll over our nations and the leadership, roll over our children, roll over our unsaved family and friends. Yes Crimson tide roll over us and wash us in your precious blood, roll tide roll.
If you ever do one thing in your life come and be set ablaze your destiny in Christ is calling you to come.