The Portal Of God’s Glory Is Opened

Even now in the midst of troubling times where jobs, homes, and 401k ‘s are being lost, a great eternal treasure house has been opened. The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival started in Daphne and has now grown so large it has had to move to the convention center in Mobile Alabama.

It seems that historically in the worst of times is when we find God’s greatest outpourings. How amazing it is to know that in this location where it is the only bay in the world named after The Holy Spirit a revival would break out to touch a world. Remind you of something Acts 2.

It was not always the case, a crusader named Jerry Tomecek fought hard along with other prayer warrior’s to have the name of bay of the Holy Spirit restored. It was but a type and shadow of how we must not let the gifts of God ever die, but fight for them. The Holy Spirit ,The Blood and our Testimony are the only weapons we have against principalities in high places.

We hear voices out of Washington say that we are not a Christian nation anymore. Tell that to all of our great, great, great grandparents who came here and fought and poured there blood out to worship the one true God our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It is there prayers mixed with ours that brought this world wide revival.

The Gate of God has opened, out of great mercy to us when we as a nation did not deserve it. Yet God, while we were still sinners sent His Only Begotten Son to those of us who were perishing with a new outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

You see the Lord told me many years ago that he would first come to His people equip them for the last great revival. Then after that He will come for His people in the Rapture. This is the hour of God’s mercy. If we will repent, we can see things turned around in our nations it‘ not to late. In a moment of time the nations can turn back to God . Don’t think God is going to take His church out defeated. She is going out a great and glorious Warrior, mighty in battle is she. The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival is where the portal has opened to awaken a giant that has been sleeping for a long time. For her to shake herself off, pick up her spiritual weapons of God’s Love and take the nations for Him.

There are certain times in History where events happen that change the world for eternity. This is one of them!!!
This Revival is not for one local church, there is no more time for that kind of small thinking it is for every church, every ministry, every denomination, every saved and unsaved person alive on this planet today. This revival is for a very lost and hurting world.

Please come let the oil of the Holy Spirit fall on you and set you ablaze in God’s love. There are not enough workers in the Vineyard Jesus needs and wants you. His miracles, signs and wonders await you. Step into your destiny.