My Child Playground

Hello folks and welcome to yet another great review brought to you by the good people down at In this review I will cover a great new product that protects the thing that matters the most, “Our Children”. In today’s society the internet has taken over pretty much all forms of education, business and entertainment. The younger generation has become very attracted to surfing online for various reasons. This new addiction that our young people have developed for the internet was not a problem until pedophiles started using the net as a source to solicit their victims. If you’re thinking that you can monitor your child’s every move online and their safe as is, then I’m afraid to inform you that you couldn’t be more wrong.

Recent studies have revealed the startling fact that internet pedophiles cases are on the rise. When you really think about it there are probably 20 times as many violations that we never even hear about versus the incidents reported in these studies. In response to this growing problem Law enforcement agencies have beefed up their efforts to catch these pedophiles in the act, but when you consider the large numbers of children at risk that are online; their efforts do not even scratch the surface.

What is the remedy for keeping our children safe while they surf the net? Sure we could always sit there and monitor their every move, but let’s face it this is not a task that will fit very easily into our everyday lives. One day after worrying myself sick about my daughter’s safety while she surfs the web, I decide to search the net myself for a remedy to this problem. After about 4 days straight of researching I came up bare as every option that I found seemed to be some type of ad or spy-ware and just as I was about ready to give up I came across a website that appeared to offer a very concrete solution to my problem. I must admit that I was kind of skeptical at first but I thought about my child’s safety and went ahead and got the software program. This program was so easy to use that I was able to navigate from beginning to end without stopping to read an instruction manual, but best off all it provided me with the peace of mind that I had been so desperately searching for.

This amazing software allowed me to set up the system once and forget about it. Now when my daughter logs in to the internet she is guided to only the safe sites that I have selected. What is even better is that she even likes the user interfaces large icons that constantly direct her on a safe net surfing path. I am so glad I found this site if you would like to keep your children safe as well feel free to visit I hope this article has been helpful and God bless.