Delia Walks, Sings & Praises God

Hello guys and welcome to my article that displays one of the many miracles that God has performed. I discovered this miracle on a truly blessed website filled with Miracles, Signs, Wonders The bible tells us to make known all of his good deeds and that is exactly why I’m writing this article in the first place. This miracle involves a young lady named Delia Knox who pastors a church in Mobile Alabama. About twenty-three years ago Delia was struck in her car by a drunk driver, which left her legs totally paralyzed. and being confined to a wheel chair for what appeared to be the rest of her.

On the night that this miracle took place Delia and her husband Bishop Knox were attending Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile Alabama.. as the British evangelist Nathan Morris began to pray words of miraculous healing over Delia, she began to have feeling in her legs. This was a feeling that she had not felt since the accident over 22 years ago. On this night God healed Delia’s body to the point where she was able to walk again after her leg muscles had died and were miraculously revived. Great Celebration broke out again as Lady Delia came back to the revival several weeks later walking and singing unto the lord her healer This miracle has gained world wide recognition and remains to be evidence to the non-believers of just how awesome our God is. If it is not obvious by now to anyone reading this, there is no deed too great for God. In His realm the super natural becomes the natural and all things are possible through Him. Best of all, God only requires us to believe on Him and He shall provide our every need. I hope this article has edified your soul and has been uplifting, God Bless. To see Delia’s miracle for yourself click on this link