Crystals Miracle At The Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival

Hello guys and welcome to my article that displays one of the many miracles that God has performed. I discovered this miracle on a truly blessed website filled with videos of Miracles Signs Wonders. The bible tells us to make known all of his good deeds and that is exactly why I’m writing this article in the first place. This miracle involves a young lady named Crystal who had a large tumor on her back for several years. This tumor because of how it was attached and was causing an interruption in the process of her disposing of waste. Now if you’re following me so far you have to flinch at just the thought of having difficulty using the rest room. Perhaps this is also an opportunity for us to be grateful for the small things. This tumor was basically interfering with her bladder functions so much that she was using the bathroom on herself regularly. Crystal reported that this was just way too much for her to deal with. I feel her pain and cannot imagine that every time I had to use the bathroom I could not hold it and I just went on myself.

Crystal then opted to have a very risky surgical operation that would remove this tumor. After she had it removed her bladder functions actually got worst, because the tumor was attached to her intestines and the surgery removed important parts of it. Crystal had begun to lose hope that is until one day she was at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile Alabama where evangelist Nathan Morris spoke the word which released a miraculous healing into her life. She then reported to feel a burning sensation in her abdomen area. At the time she said that she really didn’t know what was going on but she felt comforted. The next day she reported that while on her way to the revival again she felt the burning come back and once she arrived had to go to the bathroom. Crystal then reported nothing happen at that time but shortly thereafter in the following days she was able to use the bathroom. In tears she testified from that time on she was able to use the bathroom regularly. When she told her surgeon of what God had done and after the doctors examination to verify the miracle, he said that he had no logical answer because based on what he had seen in similar cases Crystal should have never been able to use the bathroom again. Remember that God wants to do a miracle for you also and I would suggest if you are in need of one to go the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. I hope this article has been uplifting and God Bless.