Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

I have been starving for along time for another move of God. Finally the Bread of Life has shown up again and this time he has a very large dinner bell so that all can hear it far and wide. He is a wonderful papa and has prepared a table with meat and fresh bread and a new wine that is totally intoxicating.

At this table there is enough food for every starving person who has been looking for why they exist and what their purpose is in this life. He knew we were thirsty hurting, scared and that is why He showed up and showed off at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. It is in the midst of this Glorious move of God where you can physically feel His presence you know things are going to be OK Daddy’s home.

He brings gifts through His Holy Spirit of Miracles, Signs and Wonders. Nightly Jesus heals the sick not just in the meetings but all over the world. The first Friday night many deaf people were healed and I know some of them personally they are my friends. I tell you these things as a first hand witness not hearsay. I have seen the blind get there sight both physically and spiritually. The crippled are getting healed coming out of wheel chairs, casting aside their braces and crutches. Tumors are dissolving, a child touched by God and released from the hospital.

You know you read about these kind of revivals in America during the 40’s but I feel this is going to surpass anything we have ever seen before. I have been a minister for 40 years and have seen great miracles in my ministry, however this new wave of revival is what God told me about in 1970. It will surpass all previous moves of God. You see it was always God’s intention that you knew and physically felt the love of Jesus and that you would go out in the midst of this hellish time we live in and tell them about this great Lover and Healer of Mankind, Jesus.

I am going to tell you that the dinner bell is ringing for you to come and dine with the Master.

It amazes me that we save up are money to go on a vacation to come home tired and that we won’t remember it in eternity. This is a eternal life changing event it will equip you for your destiny. If there is anyway you can get here do so. Whatever the cost, it will be one of the most important things you will ever do in this life time. Jesus is at the door knocking let him in and dine with him. It is time for you to pick up your sick bed and walk in the Spirit the Healer is waiting for you at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Come, Come and again Jesus says Come, let me love you and heal you. Come I AM waiting for you.