Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival – The Shekinah Glory

Last week I was attending a meeting of the great Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival and a Holy Presence of God enter into the meeting. Everyone there was aware of the Holiness of God and they worshiped for over 2 hours straight. Not led by anyone except their hearts crying out to their Redeemer, Christ Jesus. The atmosphere was absolutely electrifying and I believe it was just a foretaste of what was to come. It reminded me of a meeting I had in a tent crusade over 30 years ago where I along with Local pastors and the Teen Challenge team went to the streets and filled the tent with Prostitutes, alcoholics and drug addicts. When I got up to preach I could tell this was an usual night for I felt the same presence of the Glory of God that I felt last week. That night in the tent when the altar call came every sinner was saved and miracles broke out it was so glorious. The drunkard who came in loaded to the gills and reeking from his pours of alcohol, was instantly saved and sober. Prostitutes felt the love of God they gave their lives to Jesus. In this same time frame I particularly remember 2 prostitutes who got saved and became my friends both helping with the meetings as co-labors in the vineyards of my Lord. They both ended up with new jobs, one even became a teacher.

You see in that Shekinah Glory presence you are totally transformed. That night in the tent after the meetings were over about 17 people stayed to help me with putting our sound equipment away for the night. All of a sudden there was screams from those who were there Melinda, Melinda do you see it. I was wrapping a microphone cord up at the time and when I lifted my head to see what they were screaming about I saw with my natural eyes the biggest white clouds filled the tent. We all saw the same thing with our natural eyes not a dream, not a vision but that night we beheld the Shekinah Glory of God. The ground was Holy just like last week in the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. The Lord spoke to me and said this is but a down payment of what is to come in the last great outpouring. I have seen the Glory and Fire of His presence happen in other meetings that I held and each time the Lord says it is but a fore shadow of what is to come.

What I have recently found out was that in 1909 two of the main figures in the Azusa outpouring William J. Seymour and Charles Parham prophesied the same thing would happen again in about 100 years and that it would even be greater in that outpouring. I did not know until this week that the same Glory clouds, Mists and Fire were in the Azusa meeting and seen by all on several occasions. I believe that it has started in Daphne at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. The crowds have gotten so large because of the Glory and the miracles. We have had to move to the Mobile convention center. The blind see the lame walk, drug addicts are delivered of their addictions. The Greatest Miracles of all, are the altars filled with people giving their lives to Jesus. They are passing out of hells grips into the loving nail scared hands of Jesus, into Heavens eternal life forevermore. Why is all this Happening? It is because the entire team Evangelist Nathan Morris, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor Lindell Cooley and Lydia Stanley are centering the entire revival around the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is so happy, He is in our midst to lift up the Slain Lamb of Calvary the Savior of our souls. If you ever do one thing in your life get to this revival it will change you and your lost loved ones for eternity. The Holy Spirit and The Blood of Jesus your Savior cries out !!! Come my child , come I am waiting for You!!!

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