Alfreda Yparrea The Ministry Of Love 5-13-1930 To 2-13-2011 & Eternity

To share with you what Shekinah Ministries is about I would Have to explain to you about a Great Soul Winner who enter into the Portals of Glory early this morning she was one of the greatest mothers who ever walked the face of this earth.

Because of her faithfulness and telling me about Jesus Christ I will daily go up to her in heaven and thank her for the greatest gift a mother could ever give a child. She with her life showed me the Love of Jesus and because of this I made Him My Savior on 12-21-1969. She asked me the two most important questions any parent can ask their child. Do you know that God Loves You and God has a Great Plan for Your Life? If you were to die today do you know where you would spend Eternity? I was not 100% sure if I would go to Heaven and because of those two Questions I made Jesus my Savior.

I now want to tell you that my mother had the Greatest Ministry on the face of the earth. She had the Ministry Of Love which will last for eternity. She constantly prayed for that fruit of the Spirit to be developed in her. God heard and answered her prayer when she was 39 she made Jesus her Savior and then went to all the pastors of the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the entire valley and ministered that love. She got permission to start the “ In The Life Of The Spirit” Meetings in most of the Catholic Churches in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Priest, Nuns and Pastors felt the love of Jesus flowing through her and because of that they said yes to her request and began to minister in one another’s churches. Thousands and thousands of souls have come into the Kingdom because of the Ministry of Love that this little handmaiden showed. At the Lord’s request to go to all denominations, she said yes and shared His love to all races and denominations. She loved with Jesus love and oh what a title wave of souls and miracles flowed through that heart of compassion that she had. We would drive along streets and she say stop we have got to get out of the car and win those people there on the side of the road to Jesus. She would minister to Murders Ex-con’s, Prostitutes and she loved them all with the heart of Jesus. She graduated to Heaven at 80 years old but while on this earth she never ever stopped ministering Salvation through Jesus Christ. Even when she would have to go to the hospital she would witness to the doctors and to the nurse’s on duty. She would ask them did they know Jesus? She never thought of her pain only their soul to be won to Jesus and to escape an eternal hell.

In the last few weeks she was trying to get healthier so she could go with me on the streets again to win souls to Christ. In her death she was used as a catalyst for salvation. It was because of the Glory and Love of Christ that hovered over her body that I was able to Lead the Police officer Michael to Christ. Then the two young men sent by the funeral parlor to pick up her body, Cody & Joseph His cousin looked upon a Great Saint and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. All three men said the sinners prayer and accepted Christ into their hearts as Savior I would not be surprised that Jesus allowed her to stand next to the Book of Life as the angel recorded these 3 men’s names Michael, Cody and Joseph Saved for Eternity. It reminded me of when they were trying to bury a dead man and threw him on the bones of Elisha the Prophet, the man came back to life. So to was so great the glory filling the room of this Great Saint that 3 men who were dead spiritually came to eternal life in Christ.

Shekinah Ministries has one soul purpose and that is to share the love of God and to lead you to the arms of Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you would like to receive the gift that God has for you today, say this after me with your heart and lips out loud. Dear Lord Jesus, come into my hear. Forgive me of my sins. Wash me and cleanse me. Set me free. Jesus, thank You that You died for me. I believe that You are risen from the dead and that You’re coming back again for me. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Give me a passion for the lost, a hunger for the things of God and a holy boldness to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m saved: I’m born again, I’m forgiven and I’m on my way to Heaven because I have Jesus in my heart. As a minister of the gospel I tell you today that all of your sins are forgiven. Always remember to run to God and not from God because He loves you and has a great plan for you life. For a free Born Again Birth Certificate and Salvation Scripts go to . A special note to Jesus, Thank You For Giving Me Such a Great Mother let her know I already am missing her, and I will see her in the twinkle of an eye. Jesus, I am picking up the Torch and I will continue on with the Ministry Of Love, so that the lost may know you as Savior.