Welcome to the Shekinah Ministries Website!

As you can see we have one purpose for this website it is to Glorify the Name of Our Lord an Savior Jesus Christ. It is a statement of the fact that there is only one true God and only one true Savior who can save our souls Jesus Christ!!! There is no other name in heaven or on earth by which a man can be saved. There is no other religion or faith that has had their god raise from the dead. As in the days of Pharaoh so it is in this hour the world is crying out who is the one true God. I declare boldly and shout it from the roof tops it is Jesus. These videos are a combination of many different ministries displaying the resurrection power of our Lord. There are several video’s here of the dead being raised, the crippled walking, the deaf hearing and the blind having their sight restored.

There is great emphasis on the cross and to proclaim the Saving Blood of Jesus Christ. That His Blood still heals and delivers today and that it will never lose it’s power. Everything on this site is to let you first of all know that Jesus loves you and there is no sin that is so great that His Blood is not greater still. No matter how deep your valley His Blood goes deeper still. He is here to save you right now if you will but except his Blood as forgiveness for your sins. When you pray that prayer He will come into your heart wash away every sin and save your soul for eternity.

There is a sinners prayer and a free born again birth certificate on these websites at www.shekinahministries.co and www.miraclessignswonders.org for you to download and frame. Put it in your home as a reminder that your name is written in the Lambs book of Life.

We Invite you to check out our website www.shekinahministries.co and the events calendar and attend one of our meetings where you will behold Him in His Glory as He nightly does mighty miracles and makes his servants flames of fire filled with Hs love.

With all my heart I bless everyone who visits this site that the goodness of God will over shadow and protect you and your loved ones.

In The Bonds Of Calvary,

Evangelist Melinda Yparrea